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We Have a Plan for You!

CrossFit is about so much more than the numbers on the scale or on the tag of your jeans. Yes, our program will help you lose weight and change your body composition (if that’s your goal)…but then what?

 Our goal is to build fitter humans, and our Patch System is a road map to keep you moving. We want to help you set goals to be better, faster, and stronger than before in ways that are observable and measurable. We want you to set your sights on achieving great things, and want to help you work really hard to meet those goals and reach new levels. That’s what the Patch System is for.

The CrossFit Moirai Patch System Is:

  • A road map that provides a clear, long-term plan for the development of a CrossFit athlete;

  • Designed to help you set clear and attainable goals, and keeps you working towards new skills and personal achievement;

  • Intended to help you to understand the key concepts of CrossFit (why we do the things we do);

  • Meant to teach you about proper nutrition and help you to gradually improve it over time (no crash diets here!);

  • Designed to encourage you to do the work on ALL aspects of fitness (endurance, strength, power, agility, etc) – we want you to be the most well-rounded athlete you can be;

  • Similar to levels in swimming lessons, or belts in martial arts – the Patch System helps athletes make consistent progress over a long period of time;

  • Divided into 7 levels – each level clearly lists various movements, benchmarks, and achievements an athlete must attain in order to complete the level and move on to the next.

How It Works – Step by Step:

  • When you join CrossFit Moirai, we’ll give you a Patch System Start-Up Package, complete with an info booklet a White Patch Progress Card (this is the first level in the system).
  • You consistently come to class and put in the work. We’ll help you progress with great coaching and fantastic workouts.
  • As you achieve each criteria, bring your card to a coach and he/she will sign off on the things you’ve accomplished.
  • When you have completed all the requirements to advance, bring your card to your coach and you’ll be awarded with the corresponding patch! You’ll also be given a brand new card to get you started on the next level.
  • Iron your patch onto your CrossFit Moirai apparel (which has been designed to display it perfectly) and don’t forget to pick up your new patch card so you can get to work on the next level of your fitness journey!

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