If you have special training needs, specific goals, or just aren’t sure the group atmosphere is for you, we can help.

Work with one of our coaches in a personalized setting, and let us design a training program specific to your needs and goals. Our personal training sessions are one-on-one (we can also accommodate groups of 2 or 3) and are booked around your schedule.



Jump into this fantastic fitness program with our Intro to CrossFit programs!

Designed for anyone new to CrossFit, this series of 5 Private Coaching Sessions teaches the basic movements in a fun and personalized environment. Working 1-on-1 with one of our experienced coaches, you will learn all the fundamental movements of CrossFit, which will prepare you to graduate to our group classes. The sessions are tailored to your personal strengths, needs, and limitations so you’ll get as much out of your time here as possible and, of course, we work around your schedule!



CrossFit is an extremely effective strength and conditioning program that includes constantly-varied functional movements, performed at high intensity. Our workouts are never the same and never get boring. Our CrossFit classes all start with a specifically-designed warm-up and teaching portion to make sure you’re moving safely and effectively with proper mechanics and technique. Then, you’ll hit the Workout of the Day, which is completely different every single day to help you get the most well-rounded fitness you can!


Our teens’ program is designed to provide the benefits of our full adult program, but is scaled to be developmentally appropriate for the needs of younger athletes. Athletes will be taught all of the CrossFit skills and movements to make sure they are learning safe and proper technique. All classes finish with a Workout of the Day, designed to develop their fitness across a wide range of elements (endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, etc).



Get your sweat going and your heart rate up with our sweaty, cardio-endurance class! This class features longer, high-intensity burner workouts. No barbells here, just lots of running, jumping, pushing, pulling, and sweating!

  • This class is perfect for all fitness levels – no prior CrossFit or fitness experience is necessary.
  • Attend this class with your CrossFit Membership or your BURN-IT Membership.
  • Classes offered Mondays/Wednesdays @ 11:30am, Tuesdays/Thursdays @ 7:30pm, Sundays @ 8:00am.


Ready to hone in on your nutrition?

Our nutrition coach, Eric, is ready to work with you to design a personalized nutrition program that’s tailored towards your dietary likes and dislikes while aiming at your health and fitness goals.

Starting with an in-depth, one-on-one assessment, Eric will go over everything you need to know about fueling your body properly for performance so that you feel confident going into your kitchen and gym everyday. From there, you will have weekly check ins with him to discuss your progress and adjust anything that needs to be corrected along the way to help you meet your goals.

Our nutrition coaching will teach you:
-What a protein, carbohydrate and fat look like.
-How to eat the correct amount for your body and activity level.
-How to eat to promote a healthy hormonal system through biofeedback accountability.
-Keeping track of your food intake through various accountability measures.
-So much more.

We require an initial commitment of 3 months in our Full Nutrition Coaching program, which will help you to see as much value and progress as possible (in other words, month one is intended to be a learning curve, and months two and three are where the magic happens)! Once the initial 3-month program has been completed, we have a number of different service tiers to offer, to help our clients maintain their nutritional success over time.



Run your first race, PR your favourite distance, or just look forward to running workouts a bit more.
Our running clinic includes 3 running workouts per week, technique drills, interval work, and the most fun group of running partners you’ve ever met! All experience levels and abilities are welcome.
We guarantee that, by the end of the 12 weeks, your speed, endurance, technique, and love of running will all improve!
Dates: Tuesday, April 2nd – Sunday, June 23rd
Duration: 12 Weeks
Goal Races: 5k or 10k @ Chestermere Loop Around the Lake on June 22nd, or 21.1k @ Divas Half Marathon on June 23rd
Classes/Workouts: Tuesday/Thursday @ 6:30 – 7:30pm, Sundays @ 9:00am (the duration of our Sunday workouts will increase as our running distances increase)
Cost: $109 – Current CrossFit Moirai Members / $199 – Non-Moirai Members

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